Monday, November 01, 2010

Be A Light In The Darkness

We are holding a light. We are to let it shine! Though it may seem but a twinkling candle in a world of blackness, it is our business to let it shine. Light dispels darkness, and it attracts people in darkness to it.

We are blowing a trumpet. In the din and noise of battle, the noise of our little trumpet may seem to be lost, but we must keep sounding the alarm to those who are in spirtual danger.

Fore we are kindling a fire. In this cold world full of hatred and selfishness, our blaze may seem to be unavailing, but we must keep our fire burning.

A light, a trumpet fire...they seem so little against the darkness of the world. But "with God all things are possible" and he will bless our efforts to bring his love to a weary and strife torn world.

Be a light in the darkness....

Angel Feathers Tickle Me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lord Of The Worlds

I am, O my God,
but a tiny seed which Thou hast sown
in the soil of Thy love,
and caused to spring forth by the hand of Thy bounty.
This seed craveth, therefore,
in its inmost being,
for the waters of Thy mercy
and the living fountain of Thy grace.
Send down upon it,
from the heaven of Thy loving-kindness,
that which will enable it to flourish beneath Thy shadow
and within the borders of Thy court.
Thou art He Who watereth the hearts of all
that have recognized Thee from Thy plenteous stream
and the fountain of Thy living waters.
Praised be to God,
the Lord of the worlds.