Sunday, February 11, 2007


The world view of a global family should be based on the practice of spiritual values. Global civilization must be based on the realization of a practical global ethic. We have to realized the importance of the global ethic in international level. The global ethic, forem, is utterly urgent and important. Due to the speedy communication process of IT, we need to have a common ethic as a system of check and balance, and to respond to various racial and cultural issues in a more holistic way.

This common principle of life, therefore, is an ethical principle that is shared by all, in order to maintain a healthy and peaceful society of mutual respect, understanding and stability.The global ethic must be based on the realization of practical spiritual values. If we return to the essence of every religion, the basic principle is love, peace and mutual respect. The purpose of religion is to awaken the innate purity and enlightenment within ourselves, and by doing so, to bring affectionate love and care among all human fellows.

Therefore, in this age of rapid development and massive globalization, it is utterly important for us to return back to our very source of spirituality – the innate spiritual power to awaken and to be awaken. This spiritual home, which is our own mind, is the ultimate refuge of all lives, and also the basic foundation for all achievements and actualization in life. I believe that in order to direct the process of globalization in a virtuous and compassionate way, the path of 'caring for life with spiritual value' will be the only way.

I would like to share some of the principles of Buddhism, which I believe, would help to transform the world into a better place:

(1) return to a simple and innocent way of life;

(2) to let go all attachment and afflictive emotions by the contemplating the truth of'egolessness';

(3) to care and to protect all living beings with an attitude of loving-kindness and compassion;

(4) Perfection of interdependency and unity of all beings through harmonious co-existence.

Dialogues and conversations for co-existence Globalization can be an exciting experience of sharing. When we share with each other, the richness of prosperity, the convenience and advancement of science and technology, and most importantly, the spiritual satisfaction of spirituality of various religions will be shared and enjoyed by all of us.

Unfortunately, in the process of propagation, the essence and true meaning of religion is often being misunderstood and misinterpreted. This has caused conflicts and disagreement between many religions. From the point of truth, the nature of every religion is the same and without any difference. Sometimes in chasing after resources and competing among each other in recruiting more followers, we tend to fight and attack each other – which is the worst scenario we would like to be in. We need more patience and tolerance to solve this problem.

I encourage, therefore, by the spirit of co-existence and interdependency, we should have more dialogues and interactions amongst ourselves. We should cooperate with each other to seek for ultimate truth, by the power of the truth and compassion, we will then provide the ultimate refuge for humanity and its values, to lead our society into a better and brighter tomorrow. We tend to lose ourselves in the illusive stream of materialism.
In search of the meaning of life, religions provide us the ultimate answer. Religions are our spiritual refuge, that can allow us to actualize our spiritual values; and help us to create a peaceful mind and of course, a peaceful planet earth. Let all religions in the world, in the midst of globalization, play a more active and caring role to share and to care – this is my most sincere wish and prayer, from the bottom of my heart. I pray that the dawn of a spiritual globalization will bring forth a future of love and peace to our global family.

May this be a meaningful beginning, from intellectualism to religion, from theory to practice, from concepts to actions – we should strive to integrate many forces into one entity of universal commitment, to bring forth the unity of all beings, to release the power of love and interdependency; to realize the perfect, genuine and care-free common entity of life...

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STAG said...

Religions are not about spirituality. They are about controlling people.

Normally people NEED to be controlled. But the police function of a church has precedence over any spirituality, and that police function is usually underreported.

In some cases, there is NO spirituality, only a police function. If there is a powerful personality involved, you get a "cult of personality". Most so called cults in North America are cults of personality, and they collapse with the death of the leader.

Most major religions started with a cult of personality. What gives them legs (the ability to survive beyond the death of the founder) may be a spiritual element desired by the adherents. Or it may simply be excellent organization, fear of the "outsiders", intimidation of the adherents, or any combination of the above.

If you don't want to be controlled, then don't join a religion.

Remiman said...

We can only try...each of us.