Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Delaney Marie Angel

If everything about her is delightful

Her sparkling eyes and special little smile

If shes a charmer in a little dress or diaper

You see she has her own endearing style

If she's an angel with a little hint of mischief

Exploring her small world in her own way

If she can steal your heart with hugs and kisses

And bring a touch of laughter to your day

If she grows even dearer every minute

And fills your thoughts with joy your whole day through

If she grows faster than you can imagine

But always stays a little girl to you

If she's an extra-special ray of sunshine

Who warms your life and brightens up your world

Its know wonder, for there isn't any treasure

More precious than our own, sweet baby girl

Delaney Marie Angel


thepoetryman said...

O! The poetry of a child
Makes all else ...pale.

Aunt Jackie said...

That's great! Congratulations are in order??