Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My World

Tonight we touch as if for the first time, remember the excitement the taste of the forbidden love. Our lips will touch, tasting each other. Soft at first, then firm, then with passion. We will watch our inhibitions float away. Unthinkable thoughts turn into heavenly deeds. Lets fade away forever from the mortal souls that pretend to know a love like ours. They will never feel this torrent of passion and desire. The wind is a quivering breath that will turn into a mighty storm. Lighting strikes your heart. We will live a lifetime in these moonlight hours never looking back on the dawn of day. Let's be in love for one night that lasts for millions of years on earth. We will never fade, this fire will not smolder and die. I have given you a gift like no other before me.

I give you my world of fantasy...

Angel Feathers Tickle Me

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Yudith said...

Hi Thanks for visiting. I liked very much your blog for the design and content, I hope to be in contact with more frequency as my angel tickles me a lot too. Kisses