Saturday, November 01, 2008

थे काल्मिंग एंजेल्स ऑफ़ पास

The Calming Angels of Peace

It was a day where everyone around me seemed to be upset by one thing or another. Since I was a readily available sympathetic ear, I listened to venting and ranting from my son, staff members, and friends . . . all about different wrongs and injustices that they’d incurred that day.
As I listened, I silently affirmed that each situation was already healed, and tried not to be reactive to the appearance of problems. After several hours of listening to their issues, though, I reached my maximum capacity, and was teetering on the verge of nose-diving into the bad mood energy of my family and friends.
So I began praying: “Angels of Peace, please calm me and my loved ones” repeatedly. I walked outside, feeling instinctively drawn to nature’s soothing effects. As I sat by a pond surrounded by water lilies and a pair of golden-brown frogs, I continued calling upon the Calming Angels of Peace.
Within minutes, my heart and breathing rate slowed down. I felt warm love swell in my chest once again, and I KNEW that everything with my loved ones was already resolved . . .in spiritual truth. And that the more that I held onto this knowledge, the more readily they’d experience peace in their lives.
When you’re peaceful and calm, you give a great gift to those around you: upliftment। You heal and teach about peace and spirituality by example. Try calling upon God’s Calming Angels of Peace . . . and spending time outdoors with God’s masterful creations . . . and enjoy the oasis of divine stillness within your heart, mind, and life.

Tickle Tickle


Remiman said...

You are a resource for calming my soul. God chose the perfect angel to be his sign post and direct us to his healing grace.
So long ago you crept into my life with your message. I'm grateful that you did.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Long ago after my sister's murder I decided that Mark David Breakiron would not get me too, I would stand strong for her and not let my faith in God go. So in her memory I decided to teach loving kindness and try to touch the hearts of a special few. I was surprised to touch the hearts of so many and to find special friends like you. I was supposed to be where she was that night but for some reason I turned the car around and went home.

The next day she was gone and my life would truly never be the same again. She was tortured to death by Mark David Breakiron who had only been out of prison for 13 days.

Even now I have to deal with him again as he was just granted a new trial and is trying to get off of death row at SCI Greene.

There was no doubt, he even admitted it and bragged to someone in prison what he had done. It is because that man came forward and testified that he is getting a new trial. Now 20 years later I have to sit through a new trial and listen to those horrible details again.

Remiman, please pray for my sister Saundra...