Sunday, November 09, 2008

The First Unicorn

The Age of Gold is the Heart Age. To a Human, it is the Dawn of Time; the earliest of Ages. to a Unicorn, it is the Origin of Time; the innermost and truest of realities.

The First Unicorn

In the Beginning there was darkness. In the Beginning there is always darkness: the darkness formed by the absence of anything - even true Darkness. This darkness was simply an absence and it held no matter, no energy. Time and Space were not in evidence yet; there being nothing happening to define them by.


Something occured. Space exploded into being as the darkness rippled and undulated in shock. Time was less certain, but there was at least Duration. There was a Now, and the Past and the Future evolved from Nows previous and Nows yet to come. A Force had appeared: a Mover; a Creator. Whether travelling from some other Plain or spontaneous evolving, it didn't matter: it was here Now, and it meant business.

The Creator took the unending darkness and stretched it, forging two opposites so unalike that they might never merge again, and the Creator named these Light and Dark. And this amused the Creator mightily for a long duration, for the Light and the Dark battled, and the Creator marveled at how the Light would spread its shining illumination in the Darkness yet at the same time the Dark would cast shadow into the Light.

Then, in the tides of Light and Dark, the Creator perceived a strange thing. Where Light and Dark came into contact there was a vibration, a resonance, and he gave this vibration voice. It sounded throughout the Universe as a proud, triumphant note, so pure and beautiful that the Creator wished to take it further, and being a little lonely in the void, He gave the Note consciousness so that the note became a Spirit.

Encouraged, the Creator formed substance: an opposite to the emptiness of the void. He made a world; a solid surface of rock to serve as a canvas for his Purpose, and the Spirit would be his pen.

"Will you go for me?" He asked the Spirit. "Will you dwell upon this world I have made that I may work Creation through you? Will you take on solid form and become the first of my creatures? And you may choose, since both are within you, whether you be of Light, or of Dark."

And the Spirit joyfully ascented. Above the Earth, a mighty wind sprang into being, rushing over the barren soil and the desolate mountains, the empty valleys and bare plains. The wind swept in a wide circle then began to narrow, circling tighter and tighter, faster and faster. The winds became a tornado: a tapering spire of air that began to glow as it spiralled ever tighter, giving of waves of dazzling light, for it was Light the Spirit had chosen. At the tip where tornado met ground the light became brightest of all, and within this light the Creator's first creature appeared. Tall, and four-legged, standing upon cloven hooves, the dissipating wind whipped his flowing mane and tail, and upon his brow, still glowing with the golden fire of his forming, rose a slender spiral horn, as if the tornado of his creation had left the tip of itself behind.

The Creator looked upon this first Creature with pleasure, and said, "I will name you, now and forever, for the single horn that springs from your brow: I name you Unicorn, and forever will you be foremost amongst all my creatures. You shall be my standard: my symbol of beauty."

He bade the first Unicorn touch the tip of his marvelous horn to the top of a hill, and where the horn touched burst forth a torrent of clear water. This spring became a stream, then a river, and from the waters, life began to emerge. Grass spread out in a rippling ocean. Flowers and bushes blossomed, then trees erupted to form woodlands and forests. Fish swam in the waters, then animals began to creep forth, first the smallest, but rapidly growing: a multitude of infinitely varied creatures that walked and crawled, slithered and scurried, swam and flew, jumped and climbed.

And this pleased and amused the Creator mightily. This great and marvelous garden, which has since gone by so many names, was perfect and flawless. All creatures spoke with a common tongue, and all lived in accord. There was no Death, and there was no Time: a perpetually perfect place. And the Unicorn, sacred above all other creatures, gave names to each and every one, and for a timeless time, dwelt in true joy and happiness...

Love To All

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