Saturday, April 09, 2011

What is the true meaning of the Virgin Mary...

Let us understand the fullness of the meaning of virginity. To be virginal is not only to maintain a certain type of bodily integrity, and here is where we can have a more spiritual connection to the Blessed Virgin. Most people in this world are not called to be virginal or celibate, so most people cannot identify with a purely physical virginity, which is too often defined in negative terms: a virgin is someone who does not have sexual intercourse. Spiritually seen, Mary’s virginity (and hence our attempted imitation of it) is an expression of undivided devotion to God, complete availability for the carrying out of his will, a personal consecration to God that excludes everything that is not of Him or not pleasing to Him. We honor Mary as Virgin not only because of the miracle God worked in her, but because she belonged to Him, body and soul, and that is our desire and goal, the Christian raison d’etre as well. “I am the handmaid of the Lord”—this defines Mary as virginal in the spiritual sense.

Finally, let us look to Mary as our Mother. Having arrived at this point, I would hope that we’re done with controversies, but it seems that even this point is argued. Some people—this is incredible but unfortunately true—don’t even want a Mother in Heaven. Why not? I can’t think of a single good reason. (It may be, though, that some people’s earthly mothers have been abusive or overbearing, and hence for them one mother already seems more than enough, but they shouldn’t project those unfortunate experiences all over Heaven; it’s much more rewarding to stick to the reality of God’s gracious gifts.) Certainly no harm can come to anyone from Mary, who has loved and served God all her life and who loves each of us as her own dear children, for whom she desires nothing less than eternal joy in Paradise—only good can come from such love, such fervent and compassionate intercession on our behalf.

Thank you Father Joseph

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