Saturday, January 20, 2007


Candlelight spills into my room.
It falls across your face and even mine
It falls across your body,
It discovers you, your perfections, your imperfections,
your hopes and aspirations.
The candlelight is soft and so forgiving.
The candlelight is warm and inviting.
When the morning comes and the candle simply is
Through it will have already discovered you.
Now it is gone the warmth is lost.
You are left in the twilight of early dawn.
You have been stripped bare as sleep rushes in.
Now sleep my darling, for I am here
I am still the candle that burns within.
Your Heart


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...great, great images, and wow, what a great page!

Anonymous said...

Please try not to make me cry....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my art blog. No one has left a poem, let alone their post, as a comment before.

Greatly Appreciated

ronnie said...

lovely poem! thanks for visiting my page also, you are truly talented!

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Angel Feathers,
(I posted the above Greatly Appreciated comment.) I was at work and blogger wouldn't let me post properly. Thanks for stopping in to my blog, I would really like to exchange links with you. You have a wonderful blog here.

Anne Marchand said...

Thank you for posting your poem to my blog comments. It was lovely to read a note from the heart today. Wonderful poetry and images!