Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Legend Of The Dragonfly

Hard times had fallen on an indian village. Two children awoke to find that they have accidentally been left behind when their parents and the other villagers abandoned their homes to find food. To pass the time the boy makes a toy insect out of corn and grasses and gives it to his little sister to comfort her.
The children are amazed one morning to find that the toy has come to life and is dancing, hovering, and gliding through the air. They delight in its shimmering beauty and are happily distracted. But at each end of the day, as the night falls, they become sad and lonely and wish for the return of their parents and neighbors.
The live toy is sad for the boy and girl and flies to the land of the Gods. It relays the children's fears and wishes. The Gods, in return, send messages back with the delicate insect offering comfort to the children and instruction for survival. This beautiful messenger to and from the God's was given the name Dragonfly.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me


Remiman said...

Your words caress my soul and calm me even when I'm unaware that I need calming.

Angela said...

She touched me with her grace.
Not by voice or hand,
Only words inking the page,
And moving me with intention.
Kindred souls are we.
Stretching to link our lives,
Through experiences wrought
Of pain, sorrow, hope, and spirit.
I know her as she knows me
In dimensions far from sighted eye
Language we speak goes unnoticed
Heard only by those with desire to listen.