Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Flower

"The flower upon closing opens into another heaven, another dimension of being. Compare this to the flower that closes at nightfall and opens in the morning at daylight. Upon closing the flower is sealed within the energy consciousness of a universe; a universe within a universe of energy."There are beautiful valleys, mountains, oceans, rivers, streams, trees, nature complete in harmony and balance, contained within this universe.

"There is a beauty to behold, magnificent, colorful energies of light, of life, of love. There are many flowers contained within the closed flower. There are many growths, many trees, many plants, seeds, fertile ground, all contained within the microcosm here within the flower. There is life eternal, ever-lasting. For you see, the flower never terminates internally. It simply changes into another vibrational form.

"When the flower opens one can sometimes perceive within this universe of energy and yet many do not perceive, or conceive of the universes contained within. This is so even when the flower is not closed. When the flower is open it emits, gives off a beautiful energy of light, a balance of life, harmony of love, divine energy.

"Perceive the beauty of life within each flower. For each flower has different petals, different shapes, different vibrations; yet all stem form vibrational light coming from the one source of energy, the energy of the Great Spirit of the universe.

"I leave you in the light that you are bathing in, the beautiful light of healing, the green light, the balance of all the lights of all the petals within yourselves. God bless you."

Angel Feathers Tickle Me

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