Sunday, October 22, 2006


i call upon you who are unconfined
who have no shape
who are not seen but only in your action
i call upon you you who have no depth
but choose only direction
who bring what is willed
that you blow upon the summers of my loved ones
that you blow summers upon those loves of my love
aid me and I will aid you
i make pact with you
you who are the liquidness of the waters
and the spark of the flame
i call upon you
you who make fertile the soft earth
and guard the growth of the growing things
i make peace with you
you who are the blueness of the blue sky
and the wrath of the storm
i take the cup of deepness with you earth shakers
and with you shape and hollow hills
i make reverence to you
round wakefulness we call the earth
i make wide eyes to you
you who are all aware
every created thing
both solid and sleepy or airy lithe
i weave colors around you
you who will come with me
i will consider it beauty


Blu~ said...

You are many things aren't you...?

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...


I am the dreamer...

Annelisa said...

And you dream such beautiful dreams