Sunday, October 15, 2006

I dance and I see myself dancing
I love the movement, the euphoria
I fly and my heart laughs
I flirt and I weep and I whisper with my feet
My hands dart past my eyes
Like a flash of sunlight sparkling
The whirling and the swirling
Colors and the lights move with me
I can reach the ceiling
For it draws me closer
To all my dreams
I have become the music
As I Dance


kristynilsson said...

COPYRIGHT VIOLATION: “I Dance and I See Myself Dancing”

To: angelfeatherstickleme
Date: Friday, August 24, 2007
Notice: You are infringing on copyrighted material.

Copyrighted Work: " I Dance and I See Myself Dancing "
I dance and I see myself dancing…
I love the movement, the Euphoria.
I fly and my heart laughs;
I flirt and I weep and I whisper with my feet…
My hands dart past my eyes -
like a fish whose sun has caught its orange tail.
The whirling and the swirling of the colours and the lights,
as the ceiling draws me near…

I am subtle; I am vulgar, as I twist before the king,
And he asks me if I’d care to minuet.
“No, thank you, my dear sir,” I reply with all defiance,
As I skitter through the courts and I prance among the knights…
I am flying; I am swimming; I am speaking foreign tongues,
And I pause before I circle back again…
My elbows do not listen, but my feet drum for my ears.
I see and I smirk and I giggle with my hands…
My shoulders pull me backward -
like a current in the sea.
The tapestries rush past me
in a blur of smoky thread,
as my lungs open wide
and my throat lets out applause…
I am violent; I am smart, as I watch myself cavort,
And I never, ever, ever minuet.Copyright Holder: Kristy Nilsson (author)
Violation Location:
Violation: Non-attribution of authorship (implying authorship by the
blogger), use untitled, and use without permission of the copyright

We are simultaneously notifying the web provider of this copyright infringement with a demand that this violation cease and desist immediately or further action will be taken.

Copyright Holder:
Kristy Nilsson (nee Dawson)
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Continued or further violation of the copyright protections on this material will be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.

Please notify us within ten (10) business days that this copyright violation has been wholly and fully cured, that that misattribution or misuse of this copyrighted material has been removed from any and all sites, posts or publications associated with this violation, and ensure that you will engage in no further violations of this copyright - whether by misuse or misattribution.

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Kristy Nilsson
3510 Roswell Road NW L-2
Atlanta, GA 30305-1213

Violation Reported: Friday, August 24, 2007 – 6 PM

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