Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Journey Is All

looking back down the road that you came by
and not knowing what awaits you around the bend
would you go on, or would you retreat
if given the option to start your journey again
to turn back the hands of time
is a chance at which many would leap
losing everything gained over the years
but as for me; this life I would keep
with all of its ups and downs
and all the pain that it brings
all of the spices of life that I’ve been blessed to sample
I’ll keep the cards that I was dealt by fate
and risk it all because life is a gamble
I would not trade a single memory
for wealth, position, or fame
my spirit is quickened by the road and its call
I’ll travel this way until I can go no further
the end is nothing

The Journey Is All


DebNoSUs said...

Never give up! your sister`s spirit will always be protecting you.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your poem and I found it beautiful. It has a simple, but very deep content. Your you have just given me the most important advice in my life. The journey is all, it is an absolute and wonderful true. I don´t know what happened with your sister, although I don't know the details. I ignore your faith, however I hope that my God will offers you the strength to continue with that beauty that you capture in your verses.

You have touched my heart. Thank you so much.


twit said...

Your attitude is inspiring.

Thank you.

Annelisa said...

One can only imagine that your sister, having you and those dear to her, will have had a good journey.

Your journey is a different one, where only part of the way was shared with her. But that doesn't mean that your paths won't cross again...

Keep on the long path, Angel feathers tickle me, and enjoy your own company (because I think it's good) and that of others where your paths meet and veer away. (even when you're on totally seperate paths, there's nothing to stop you waving! :-) )

Dale Beaumont said...

A Human visits you back...

Kilroy_60 said...

You do absolutely beautiful work. The words are powerful and the art unique. Am I mistaken that somewhere along the line we were going to do a link exchnage?

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is inspiring, I couldn't have said it better myself...Twit is always good like that, Right-On my friend...

I believe that you have special purpose as we all do but that one little thing we almost always miss out on in life is actually seeing it. I think you see it but maybe you are afraid...maybe not...Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm not, these are the things we often waste our time and our life doing asking questions of ourselves instead of to the ones that posess the answers...You are not that person, don't let the world make you be, and I know you won't...

Keep tickling, it's fun...