Wednesday, October 25, 2006


When dreams of our hope are shattered

And when life begins to hate life

There comes a pain in our heart

Hard to explain and unable to forget

With time that pain decreases

Seeming to disappear

But the memory of that pain remains


Forever in our Mind

Forever in our Heart

Forever in our Life


Carl M. said...

My sister was killed by a dog at the age of 7. I was 4, then. I wish I were able to spend more time with her. I wish I were able to create more memories with her. All Soul's Day is approaching and I'm reminded I missed my sister, Emily.

Gracchi said...

Hi I came across from my own blog where you left a comment just to see what was on yours and I came across this- I'm very sorry for you, I just went and looked up the case on Google and it sounds awful. I can't imagine what you have been through and are going through. My sympathies are with you.

Annelisa said...

That is so horrible (not the poem - that is, as ever, beautiful)! Yes, the pain you must have felt, and the memory of it, must be deep. When I lost my father and brother (both to heart problems) it was bad enough, but to have another person take the life of one so dear to you, I can't see how the anger at that person could ever fade!
It is so sad that she is gone, and you and your family have had to live with the memory (when it should have been her). As gracchi said, 'my sympathies are with you' too.

Scarlett said...

Your poetry is beautiful and full of emotion...thank you for sharing.
Do you do the pictures as well? They are also have so much talent.

There are no words that will take away the pain of your loss, I know this, but I hope that over time your pain will lessen.

Take care Angel,

Annelisa said...

your poem of 'Hope' is now on today's post for 'Baring it All' -thanks!

Sugababee said...

oOo what angel? and why am i so lucky as to recieve such a visit?

Norine said...

What causes some to be selected by such evil is what keeps us from peaceful dreams. We like to think we are in total control of our lives, and then along comes a force of evil that breaks the gates open and we at once feel powerless and vulnerable. It is like the movie, "The Exorcist". It scared everyone on a subliminal level because we could not comprehend how an innocent little girl could just be consumed like that, by such evil. Our minds reeled at the thought that we would be unable to stop such a demon from possessing us like was depicted in that movie. So, this monster came into your life, and took your sister. Now you and all who learn of the event feel the same astonishment that pure evil can implode our lives. Know this. Extreme Good attracts Extreme Evil. Your sister was of the light. Evil can not stand the light. She did not survive this attack. But her friends and family did. Now it is for you to make her live in the light by shining it with all your heart and soul in the face of evil. There will always be martyrs. It is for those of us who go on living to carry their souls with us to the heavens and the great beyond. Evil didn't just attack her, it attacked you and everyone who knew her. Your defense against this evil is to shine like a lighthouse in the dark stormy night, guiding those who may be lost in the mist back to the safe shore. I sympathise with you in the loss of your sister. I mourn with you. I stand with you in the light, and I drive and bind all evil back to the source from which it came. Try to sleep tonight, with dreams of a quiet path, a small brook along side gently gurgling, the faint sounds of distant birds singing the music of the spheres, and a mystic light to guide you to peace and freedom. Love and light, Norine.