Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today's word reminds us that happiness is a choice and not an attainment. Many of us tend to postpone joy. We spend our time focusing on future plans or acquisitions believing that will be what finally brings us to that elusive goal of happiness.

Peace and joy come when we stop waiting for the next thing to come galloping over the horizon and recognize our power to choose right now - in this moment, to experience joy.

In a consumer society, it is pushed through aggressive marketing campaigns that we always need that next thing, that next "fix" to make life easier. We depend on products to make us more intelligent, more beautiful, to provide security, etc. and therefore allow us to "achieve" happiness.

The truth is happiness that is dependant upon acquiring things is fleeting and temporary. Its effects wear off quickly and leave the individual feeling empty and seeking the next "fix". When we attain joy through the conscious effort of choice we become empowered, and that results naturally in becoming more at peace and centered in our daily lives.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% and choose to be happy everyday of my life...It is rather fun and I find it the smoothest way to travel...