Monday, October 16, 2006

I Am The Moon

As the Waves dance in their emerald green and blue gowns upon the shoreline, the Moon in her gown of White Lilies, comes down from her throne in the sky to shine her light of serenity upon the world of the sea.

The sound of distant splashes tell me that the playful Dolphins of the deep are performing for the Stars that have descended to dance in their skirts of pale gold, with the Waves, to blend their colors in a brilliant, fiery, passionate desire to keep up with the rhythm that Mother Earth creates as she slumbers in her bed of leaves and moss.

The Moon looks on with eyes of palest blue, waiting for the dreamer who will light her heart with love.He will soon join this beautiful world. Together they will make a different light. She will dance and sing with joy. Her skin is white and pure a symbol of tenderness and delicacy. Her heart beat is strong and echoes in the night air. This soul remains filled with hope.

She gaurds the gate, her face pale with tears. But as she looks to the East the Sun begins to wake, her lips of subtle pink begin to smile. She calls for the dreamer once again. He has not found her tonight, but she knows he is searching. The Angel must return to her castle in the sky, to await for the next night when she calls him again to play upon the shores.......

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