Saturday, October 07, 2006

Whatever thoughts you plant in your subconscious mind
and nourish every day with conviction and emotion
will one day become a reality.
Constant repetition carries conviction.
Repeat something often enough
and it will start to become you.
A change in what you tell yourself
will result in a change in your behavior.
What you impress upon your mind,
you'll inevitably become.



DebNoSUs said...

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Sebastian(o)Mereu said...

"You are what you think", I think a lot about teddybears. Therefore, am I a teddybear?

Thebodytalk said...

So beautiful!

A. J. Reyes said...

Excellent, absolutely right some people think all there life’s that they are nobody, but the real truth is that there special. So special that only a few recognized. and the said part is that the most of the time those persons never live enough to meet one of those people .
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