Monday, October 23, 2006

We live upon this world

By evolution

We evolved from it’s depths

By creation we were made

From the dust upon it’s surface

Whichever you hold to your heart

Makes this Earth our Mother

And as any good mother

She feeds and shelters her children

Watches them grow and play

Sees their progress and their failures

And like any good mother

When her children need discipline

She gives it

Though our Mother Earth’s discipline

Teaches a hard lesson

For as gentle as is her love

So to is the vehemence of her anger

She has demonstrated

To us again and again

What it means to incur her wrath

She has shook the ground we walk on

And she has washed it from beneath our feet

She has spit out molten rock

And turned our fields to shallow lakes

And still we do not listen!


Korkuss said...

A Fair Fairy,,,

Shahrzad said...

What a nice image.

Enotneicna said...

I don't see a title for this poem or an author? Where did you come across it and do you know who wrote it? If you don't that tells me you don't have permission to use it. I know who wrote it!!!