Saturday, October 14, 2006

If you would have it so,
I will end my singing.
If it sets your heart aflutter,
I will take away my eyes from your face.
If it suddenly startles you in your walk,
I will step aside and take another path.
If it confuses you in your flower-weaving,
I will shun your lonely garden.
If it makes the water wanton and wild,
I will not row my boat by your bank.


Anthony said...

I was looking at All *Blog* Stars an saw your comment. Are we still linking?

How about if I connect my two with two or three of your's?

The Family McCune {Machione}
The Lives And Times Of Anthony McCune

I'll look forward to hear from you...How can two people from the center of the blogosphere universe --- Fayette County,PA --- find each other and not link?!?

Mike said...

You are either very attractive, or those pictures are. My email address is Can you email me your address? don't tell anyone I emailed you please. You take my breath away.

Mike said...

oh. Im sorry. Check your email.

Mike said...

uhm my email did not get through. sigh. I think I have discovered that a blog is better than email. It seems to be more dependable and less complicated. With a private blog, who needs an webmail account? So go ahead and blogmail me at In other words, go ahead and start a comment string on it. I will have it up in a minute

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...


You are sick person. I am sure even the dogs you say you have sex with feel the same way. They probably find you disgusting.

I consider you an unline sexual preditor. Stay away from my beautiful blog.