Thursday, October 19, 2006

She runs her fingers through her hair
Until it becomes a wild cloud of tangles about her face
An explosion of dark hair creating a faint halo
Casting lacy shadows across her lips
She walks past and wrenches my breath away
A painful exhalation lasting forever
She is wrapped in folds of fine dark silk
Austere beauty with a splash of hazel in her eyes
Her jasmine-scented essence elaborate and delicate
Glancing lightly across my senses
My mind is focused on her
The rest of the world peripheral
Disturbing yet distant
Lost in obscure vestiges of reality
I watch her step out into the light
And blossom into dance
Transforming into an exquisite sensual being
Eyes deep in hypnotic rhythms
Exhilarating and mesmerizing
I love her more than winds can carry
But we have never spoken in the real world
She has never looked my way
I close my eyes to dream
And my soul touches her

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